Vision & Why – Half Day Workshop

Why do you do what you do?

Why do people choose to work for or with you?

What’s Your passion for delivering a quality product?

To change your industry?

To demonstrate that that your service or product is outstanding and innovative?

Many business owners don’t know their why or are not clear on it – and once we have it – we need to bottle it and distribute it to our staff, colleagues partner and customers so that everyone is on board , inspired and motivated with the same message and knows not just the ‘how’ and the “what” but the ‘why

There in lies the core values of the company which alongside the vision all adds up to the company’s Culture.

In this half-day workshop we cover

  • An understanding of your why
  • A clear vision
  • A picture of your business in 10 years
  • A picture of your business in 3 years
  • Your one year goals
  • Your company core values and how these shape your culture
  • Niche, passion, guarantee, proven process and what makes you unique
  • Overview of marketing- the marketing session we discuss this more


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