I bet you’re bored of having to change the Thank You pages on webforms and email links in Infusionsoft- I’m here to ease your pain.  This little video will walk you through how to set your own default Thank You pages for both webforms and email links that go to Thank You Pages.


There are two thank you pages that need to be changed

The Webform Thank You Page

Head over to the branding center

Infusionsoft>Admin>Branding Center

branding center







Scroll down and click on Campaign Form

branding center

And after clicking Edit, click on the Thank-you Page tab

branding center


change the layout/style.  Add your own logos and social media links, and make sure you put the browsing link back in.

The Email Link Thank You Page

Head over to Infusionsoft>Marketing>Settings

branding center

Ignore the top Web Form default Thank You Message, and go to the second one, Automaton Link Thank You Message

Click on source and delete the html code

branding center

Then click back on edit and use the WYSIWYG editor to rebuild the page with your own branding

branding center