We help small businesses grow.

The Back Office was created back in the early 90’s to offer support to SMEs where they didn’t have the technical skills, resource or know how to implement processes, procedures, training and software to be able to move their business forward.

We have evolved somewhat in the last 25 years ......

We rebranded to the Business Catalyst in 2017

We care about quality, organisation and efficiency.

We recognise that every company is unique and needs a tailored approach and work with specialist teams in each specific area to meet our customer’s needs.

  • Vision and Goal Setting
  • Leadership Training and Management tools
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • People and Data
  • KPIs
  • Processes and Issues
  • Life-cycle Marketing

We ensure that businesses have the right tools for the right people, and the right training whether in the use of those tools, for leadership or sales, how to managing meetings and people, how to inspire those who work for you and with you and to have the data and the knowledge to interpret it to make sure you're on track and stay on track.

  • Our Vision

    To offer small businesses the leadership training, management procedures, technical skills, resources, systems and processes, in order to be the catalyst to help them grow, succeed and achieve their vision and goals.
  • Our Mission

    To help small business succeed
  • Our Values

    Do deliver excellence Efficiency through automated solutions Face challenges with optimism Empower Innovate and constantly improve Believe in people and their dreams

AP Logo

infusion-soft-certtified-consultant-logo The Back Office is proud to be a founder member of the Abundant Partnership – winners of Infusionsoft’s partner of the year and service award 2014. The largest global collaboration of Infusionsoft Certified Partners, with a wide spectrum of skills to ensure that new or existing Infusionsoft customers have the very best service and resource available to them.

Hosts of the London Infusionsoft Usergroup and innovators of Infusionsoft Unleashed

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