Andrew Black

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Teacher, leader, father and motivator. Andrew enjoys watching those in his team develop and succeed- in doing so, carrying out the shared goals of the company as well as their personal goals being fulfilled.

Andrew started as a Gas Man in 2008 – moving on from being a Personal Trainer when the recession hit.  In 2012 the company was incorporated as  Marvel Property Solutions.  He has always been a motivator pushing people to identify and reach their goals and he shared his vision and with the team and grew this company from one man to the 27 strong it is today – and a tight knit team who call themselves the #MarvelFamily – and where he is affectionately known as The Captain.

He joined The Back Office shortly after meeting Lisa Catto, in order to work with other businesses, and roll out the model and proven process that had worked so well at Marvel, so that other business owners, especially tradesmen, could too grow in the way he had.

He is now an adept public speaker and immerses himself in self development being a Landmark Graduate – devouring books, audio files and sharing many motivational memes on his social media.

He became a Director Consultant for BNI in early 2015 in order to share his boundless energy and enthusiasm with other business owners and widen his reach to help as many entrepreneurs as possible grow their businesses.

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